Friday, January 23, 2009

An Undelicious Day

I suspect that I might have been a little grumpy today. It certainly hasn’t been one of those happy, unworried days that Fridays usually are. The first thing I did today was to grunt at a friend that simply asked me whether I had done my job properly or not. Of course I had done my work properly! But how could he have known? He just wanted to remind me of an easy forgettable detail. And I grunted at him.

Throughout the day, my mood gradually got worse. This was partly due to the many contradictory orders and miscommunication between those in possession to give such. We ended up with two hours of boring emptiness followed by two presentations at the same time. Of course, the two presentations couldn’t actually be held at the same time, so we had a lot of stress going through the second one within schedule.

At lunch, the confusion reached its climax when nobody knew what was going on, and those few who knew were so tired and frustrated that they told everybody to do some shit work. Which they probably thought was important. But I was not in the mood to do any of it, and people were of course irritated by my unengaged attitude towards the task, which I very correctly predicted to be unnecessary.

I was also, for a brief moment today, led to believe that I was to get some new and sparkling equipment. But this fresh excitement lasted no longer than the time it took me to put on my jacket; I was suddenly not to get it. Darned.

At dinner, I had anticipated Greek Moussaka, but were let down by cakes of minced fish, potatoes and cabbage stew. I hate fish cakes. I am neither specially fond of potatoes or cabbage stew. Actually, I established the fact that cabbage stew is undelicious today.

Now the weekend has come, and I am spreading the disease of unhappiness. I certainly need a better mood. I cannot be a Warrior of Agape when I feel like this. Please forgive me.

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  1. Så sykt god engelsk du har! Er helt imponert! Stilig design også! Jeg håper du er i bedre humør, sender et smil til deg :)


  2. Hehe, det er jeg, vet du. Er egentlig bare å besøke den alltid oppmuntrende, og så blir alt bra:-)