Saturday, May 22, 2010

This summer

I don’t plan to write a lengthy blog post this time, but I realize some of you would be interested to know what I’m up to now that CMU has released me of duty for a few months. Hence, here comes a short update on my life.

First and foremost: I am delighted to actually meet my wonderful girlfriend. Skype is a beautiful piece of software; but as any true Electrical and Computer Engineering major can tell you, hardware is much more exciting than software. And truly, she is even more amazing here in the real world.

I also got myself a summer job. I am now working as an “FDV Engineer” at Bybanen AS, a company that runs a newly built light railway in Bergen. The official opening will be on June 22nd, and Her Majesty will herself cut the tape. My over-refined title aside, I am very exited to work here, this was exactly were I dreamed about working before I started my job search. Hence, I decided to just send them a simple application, in case they needed anyone. Amazingly they did, and they hired me even before they met me.

Now I want to do some good work for Bybanen, so they won’t regret that they hired me. This is the work I wanted; now I must put my heart in it. I must be creative, be impulsive, be active. Be curious, but respectful. Not unlike what a good boyfriend should be like.

This summer I hope to learn much more about that.