Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Electronic and Computer Music

I made up my mind: I dropped this class. There was no fun in it anymore, and this electronic music stuff just became too much nonsense. Our next assignment was to create a piece of "Music Concrete," a french style of creating music based on recording various non-musical sounds and clipping them together in some random fashion and then claim it to be "music." The assignment coming up after that was all about creating noises artificially, and then do the same to them. No, I'm glad i dropped it.

However, I did get to create these two pieces for my first assignments:



Amusingly, shortly after releasing these tracks on Soundcloud, I was contacted by a guy named Ryan Kintz (from a company called "Afton Feedback") who asked me for booking information. This was of course too good to be true, and after a bit of research I found out that Kintz makes a living basically by charging bands for giving concerts.
The Rex Theater, Pittsburgh
Some people called it a scam, but at least it seems like a pretty fair scam.

I would love to play at The Rex Theater sometime, mr Kintz, but only if you could convince me people would actually come. Also, I probably need more than a soundcloud account and an internet connection in order to actually give a performance. Some ridiculously oversized headphones, a broken record player and a sidekick with blonde spikes would do good for starters.

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  1. Yo I'll get those blonde spikes in a heartbeat. Always wanted to dye my hair.