Sunday, September 20, 2009

Prayer of Peace

Almighty, eternal God,

You who can bend the hearts of men, we ask You:

Help and brace all those who today have the great responsibility for peace on earth.

Take in your mighty hand the heads of the nations, bend their hearts towards You and give them strength in the war against evil.

Give peace on earth, and help your church promote peace between the peoples.

Protect our world against war and discord, and let us settle and live on this our beloved planet, which You have given us.

Bless our leaders and their houses, and give wisdom to all who have authority and responsibility in society.

Help us to serve You with faithfulness, and together with all the peoples of the earth to stand firm in the war against evil.

Through Jesus Christ, your beloved son, our Lord,


Lutheran liturgy from the Norwegian State Church

Freely translated by Warrior of Agape

1 comment:

  1. There is a controversy between me and the native english speakers on wether or not I should put an extra comma in the fifth line. I prefer to write it without a comma to be true to the original prayer, but the american know-betters insists that it should be written like this:

    "Protect our world against war and discord, and let us settle and live in this, our beloved planet, which You have given us."

    I think this sounds useless. Bear in mind that the last part of the sentence, "which You have given us," is an added tail that in itself requires a comma. Thus, the sentence must be meaningful even without the tail, which I'd say it is not if we have a comma between "this" and "our." I highly appreciate any qualified comments (preferably support) on this issue.

    I do of course appreciate comments on different issues as well. Peace!