Thursday, September 17, 2009

When to eat

Do you ever find yourself outside Spice It Up Grill, depressed that they stopped serving five minutes ago? Now you can know beforehand if you are to late for those delicious custom made burgers, or if you still can work on your thrilling homework for another hour before you must hurry. With this handy guide to food on campus, you never need to go hungry again! So do it, do it now, bookmark this page for reference and guidance in those critical moments when the hunger approaches your constant urge for homework. This is your ultimate food-finding friend! Simply click on the menu, and it will fill your screen with all the serving times you can possibly want! Do not hesitate! Bookmark now!

More food:
Jon's hopeless attempt on the same overview (however, he does provide you with a campus map and try to tell you what makes a block)
Campusfood: Carnegie Mellon University

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