Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beauty and justice

So what is all this talk about beauty? Isn’t it equally important to be just, and doesn’t justice look rough sometimes? Ok, justice may look rough sometimes. And justice may be good and necessary. It makes sense for a good God to exercise justice. But even God, which he himself is fully just, have problems making justice beautiful. You see, justice is hard and painful, and only has losers. (I think this is because justice only is required because of sin and ugliness in the first place.) Hence, justice is good and necessary, but not beautiful.

But justice is straight out ugly if the judge is guilty. We call it hypocrisy, and society righteously despises it.


  1. Is there context for this? Where are you encountering "all this fuzz about beauty?"

  2. This is taken out of context indeed; I was hoping that people would create a context themselves. You see, there was this fuzz about beauty. And then someone said, "what about justice?"

  3. i think you're looking for "fuss" rather than "fuzz".