Saturday, November 13, 2010


Sometimes, questions are easy to answer. Sometimes, people ask me, “What are the control points of this datapath,” or “Where should we eat?” Actually, that last question can be a challenge, because there is so much that should be factored in to the answers. Not only the taste of the food needs to be taken into account, but also your mood, the time of day, the distance, the price, the atmosphere and everything else. But eventually you find an answer. I like those questions.

Other questions can be harder to answer, but interesting to discuss. Such questions would be, “What is the best programming language,” “What classes should I take next semester” or maybe even something existential such as “How can God be good when the world is so evil?” These are questions with answers that not everybody agrees upon, but we might still say that some answers make more sense than others. I like those questions.

Then there are those tough questions. Those questions we don’t like to hear, and don’t want to answer. Those are questions like “How should I respond to this,” or “What am I going to do with myself?” To have the courage to face these questions and to have a humble and loving spirit in dealing with them, I think is more worth than all knowledge and insight and wisdom and debating technique altogether.

TBA was today. My only answer is, “I don’t know. I really don’t.” (The pictures are from last years' approach. What do you think of them?)
The Tartan: TBA

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