Monday, November 15, 2010

Reading Norwegian poems

So, halfway through the semester I decided to take on a new class: Sound recording! It is a really cool class where we get to play around in a really high quality studio, and I already feel like a much better sound engineers than what I was before. The studio is in fact so awesome that it is equipped with a entirely separate power supply from the rest of the building, so that the power drills down in the the wood shop will not disturb our signal! These outlets are yellow, as opposed to the regular white outlets.

Also, we get to use really good microphones and and pre-amps, the recording rooms are super-silent, and so everything is prepared for wonderful recordings. My first real assignment was to read a text in my native language, and then set music to it. Text by Sondre Bratland. Music by Michael W. Smith. Love by Maria.

Michael W. Smith: Freedom
Sondre Bratland: Syng Meg Heim