Friday, December 3, 2010

Everything matters

It matters how it is built. It matters how the electrons are moving through transistor to form gates, final state machines, processors, operation systems and computers for use in industry and in our homes. It matters how the atoms and molecules are holding on to each other to create the taste of pineapple and chocolate. It matters how gravity is holding us in place, and how the speed of light is related to space and time.

Academics matter. Philosophy matters, history matters. Discussions about life, the universe and Douglas Adams matter. Science matters, sociology matters, medicine matters, law matters, computer science matters, yes, even politics matter. At least a little bit. Engineering matters.

It matters if there is an airbag in the car. It matters what energy rating your house has. The quality of the wood; the sharpness of the knife; the accuracy of the pencil; it all matters. How the chair is formed, how hard the mattress is, how many birds you can count on one hand.

It matters how white blood cells and doctors are eager to heal us from terrible diseases. It matters if we wash our hands. It makes a difference if we walk to work, if we take the stairs and where we go hiking. It matters. What we watch on TV, what we buy in the grocery store, what we do for a living.

Who we chose as our friends. Who we chose as our girlfriends and boyfriends. It is actually important. It matters also how we treat our friends. Heck; it matters how we treat our enemies! It matters that we visit grandma. It matters that we say hi on Skype once in a while. Skype matters.

The words we say. The blogs we write, the comments we leave. The conversations we have. Words have matter. As WikiLeaks so eloquently have shown us, words is the most amazing matter. Because words are always more than just words; words are feelings, agendas, love and hatred. Words really matter. But hearts matter even more, for the mouth only speaks what the heart is full of.

Attitude matters. How you dress, what shoes you wear, if you hold your head high when you walk down the street, if you look people in the eyes when you shake their hand. What seat you choose in the bus. What perfume you wear. How much makeup you use. How you do your hair. What tone you use in your voice. How genuine you are when you say you care.

The birds in the sky matters, as do the fish in the sea, the mammals of the earth, the reptiles, the dinosaurs, the bugs, algae, mushrooms, and every tree and every flower. Every star at night, every drop of rain and every ray of sunshine. Everything matters.

You matter.

Can I matter together with you?

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